Interactive Visualization of Abstract Data
16. March 2011

Martin Šperka, Peter Kapec Abstract. Information visualization is a large research area. Currently with more powerful computers and graphic accelerators more and more visualization techniques become part of daily use. In this paper we discus visualization of abstract data – data … Continue reading

Metaphorical Visualizations of Graph Structures

L. Ukrob, M. Jakubeci, P. Kapec Abstract. Data visualization of large abstract data sets and complicated relations is a complex research area with different problems and constraints. Often simple shapes and structures are not very eye-pleasing. Visualization metaphors, which create a … Continue reading

New approaches in graph visualization
14. March 2011

Ľuboš Ukrop Abstract. Presented thesis deals with the field of information visualization. Lots of information has structural character with some kind of relations. This type of information could be naturally represented by graph, often in form of tree-like, hierarchical structure. The … Continue reading

Interactive manipulation with 3D graphs

Martin Ľudvík Abstract. The objective of this project is to analyze current situation in domain of graph visualization and manipulation in 3D space. It is finding alternative approaches to such a manipulation and tries to demonstrate them using simply system, … Continue reading

Visual data mining in software

Bc. Filip Komorovský Abstract. The main task of visual data mining in software is to speed up the process of obtaining information from software projects. The more complex the software project is, the more time is needed for new engineers to … Continue reading

Library for graph visualization in 3D space
7. March 2011

Peter Kajan Abstract. The presented thesis deals with the visualization of large graphs. Chosen dynamic graph layout algorithms are analyzed in this paper. Algorithms computed on GPU are also mentioned and one of them is analyzed. Further, this paper deals with … Continue reading