Pedestrian detection
30. August 2015

This project focuses on preprocessing of training images for pedestrian detection. The goal is to train a model of a pedestrian detection. Histogram of oriented gradients HOG has been used as descriptor of image features. Support vector machine SVM has … Continue reading

Detection of objects in soccer
22. April 2015

Lukas Sekerak Project idea Try detect objects (players, soccer ball, referees, goal keeper) in soccer match. Detect their position, movement and show picked object in ROI area. More info in a presentation and description document. Requirements Opencv 2.4 log4cpp Dataset … Continue reading

People detection
23. February 2015

Martin Petlus The goal of this project is detection of people on images. Persons on images are: standing person can be rotated from the front, back and from the side different sizes of persons can be in move several persons … Continue reading

Face recognition improved by face aligning

Face recognition improved by face aligning TEXT: Face recognition consists of these steps: Create training set for face recognition Load training set for face recognition Train faces and create model Capture/load image where you want to recognize people Find face/s … Continue reading

Recognition of car plate
20. July 2013

Recognition of the car and finding its plate is popular theme for school projects and there are also many commercial systems. This project shows how you can recognize cars and its plate from video record or live stream. After a … Continue reading

Face Verification
29. June 2013

Description Project deals with face recognition and verification of person. It processes set of images on wich it trains eigenface and fisher face recognizer. Source of images can be csv file or web camera. When images are loaded program tries … Continue reading