Team project

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Assesment methods:

Work in a team and reporting.

Learning outcomes of the course unit:

The purpose of this course is to exercise software development in teams. Stress is put on an effective collaboration and communication between team members together with exercising several roles during a software development (e.g. software analyst, designer, programmer, project manager, documentation manager, quality assurance manager).

Course contents:

1. An initiation of creation of teams, information about various problems to be solved during the course.
2. Elaboration of a bid for a particular problem. Each team should prepare two bids for two different problems.
3. Evaluation of bids and assignment of problem to the teams.
4. Problem analysis.
5. Requirements specification and architectural design.
6. Delivering of requirements specification document.
7. Peer review of requirements specification.
8. Design of a prototype (selected parts, e.g. user interface).
9. Implementation of a prototype.
10. Delivering of a prototype together with documentation.
11. Peer review of a prototype.