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New approaches in graph visualization

Ľuboš Ukrop

Abstract. Presented thesis deals with the field of information visualization. Lots of information has structural character with some kind of relations. This type of information could be naturally represented by graph, often in form of tree-like, hierarchical structure. The aim of this thesis was to introduce different algorithms for visualization of such structures in three dimensions and to design an experimental algorithm, which will visualize hierarchical structure reaching the shape of a soap bubble cluster. After the exploration of existing hierarchy visualization solutions a dynamical algorithm was created. It is based on the spring model, which was determined as the most appropriate technique for this task. For demonstrational purposes simple interactive visualization system was implemented. The process of system and algorithm development, along with capabilities and issues connected with its use, is discussed in detail.

Visualization without transparent nodes.
Visualization with transparent nodes.
Visualization with standard string length.
Visualization with modified string length.