Pictorial and Real Stereoscopic Depth Saliency
26. February 2019

Abstract. TBD depthSal dataset contains fixation data from eye-tracking experiments with pictorial depth and real stereoscopic depth in a natural environment. download: TBD Please cite this paper if you use the dataset: TBD

Color Saliency
28. August 2018

Abstract. TBD colorSal dataset contains images and fixation data from this eye-tracking experiment. download: TBD Please cite this paper if you use the dataset: TBD

Camera tracking
9. June 2016

Martin Volovar Camera tracking is used in visual effects to synchronize movement and rotation between real and virtual camera .This article deals with obtaining rotation and translation from two images and trying to reconstruct scene. First we need find keypoints … Continue reading

Medical image segmentation

Martin Tamajka In this project, our goal was to apply image segmentation techniques to dense volume of standard medical data. Oversegmentation Our method is based on oversegmentation to supervoxels (similar to superpixels, but in 3D volume). Such oversegmentation dramatically decreases … Continue reading

Lane markers detection
8. June 2016

Michal Polko In this project, we detect lane markers in videos taken with dashboard camera. Process Convert a video frame to grayscale, boost contrast and apply dilation operator to highlight lane markers in the frame. Apply the Canny edge detection … Continue reading

Split and merge

Matus Pikuliak In our work we have implemented segmentation algorithm split-and-merge. We have designed each step of this algorithm processing original image into segmented image composed of homogeneous regions. We have used OpenCV library to build our solution. Our method … Continue reading

Free parking spots detection
7. June 2016

Jan Onder The goal of this project is to determine the state of a parking lot, more precisely the number of parking spaces. Basically this project is divided to two interconnected parts. One to determine number of parking spots from … Continue reading

Panorama – Image registration
5. June 2016

Vladimir Ogurcak The main objective of this project is to create panoramic image from sequence of two or more overlapping images using OpenCV. We assume then overlap of two adjacent images is more than 30%, vertical variation of all images … Continue reading

Motion analysis in CCTV records

Filip Mazan This project deals with analysis of video captures from CCTVs to detect people’s motion and extract their trajectories in time. The output of this project is a relatively short video file containing only frames of the original where … Continue reading

Car detection in videos

Peter Horvath We detect cars from videos recorded by dash cameras situated in cars. This type of camera is dynamic so we decided to train and use Haar Cascade Classifier. The classifier itself returns a lot of false positive results. … Continue reading