Lane markers detection
8. June 2016

Michal Polko In this project, we detect lane markers in videos taken with dashboard camera. Process Convert a video frame to grayscale, boost contrast and apply dilation operator to highlight lane markers in the frame. Apply the Canny edge detection … Continue reading

Free parking spots detection
7. June 2016

Jan Onder The goal of this project is to determine the state of a parking lot, more precisely the number of parking spaces. Basically this project is divided to two interconnected parts. One to determine number of parking spots from … Continue reading

Car detection in videos
5. June 2016

Peter Horvath We detect cars from videos recorded by dash cameras situated in cars. This type of camera is dynamic so we decided to train and use Haar Cascade Classifier. The classifier itself returns a lot of false positive results. … Continue reading

Card detection

Michael Garaj The goal of this project is to detect card in captured image. Motivation was to make automatized recognizer of cards for poker tournaments. Application is implemented to find orthogonal edges in an image and try to find card … Continue reading

Bag of Words algorithm

Tomas Drutarovsky We implement well-known Bag of Words algorithm (BoW) in order to perform image classification of tiger cat images. In the work, we use a subset of publicly available ImageNet dataset and divide data on two sets – tiger … Continue reading

Detection of objects in soccer
22. April 2015

Lukas Sekerak Project idea Try detect objects (players, soccer ball, referees, goal keeper) in soccer match. Detect their position, movement and show picked object in ROI area. More info in a presentation and description document. Requirements Opencv 2.4 log4cpp Dataset … Continue reading

Object removing in image/video
23. February 2015

Marek Grznar Introduction In our project we focus on simple object recognition, then tracking this recognized object and finally we try to delete this object from video. By object recognition we used local features-based methods. We compare SIFT and SURF … Continue reading

Local Descriptors in OpenCv

Tomas Martinkovic The project shows detection of chocolate cover from input image or frame of video. For each video or image may be chosen various combinations of detector with descriptor. For matching object of chocolate cover with input frame or image automatically … Continue reading

Smile detection

Jan Podmajersky Smile detection is a popular feature of today’s photo cameras. It is not implemented in all cameras, as a popular face detection, because it is more complicated to implement. This project shows a basic algorihtm in the topic. It may … Continue reading

SIFT in RGB-D (Object recognition)

Marek Jakab In this example we focus on enhancing the current SIFT descriptor vector with additional two dimensions using depth map information obtained from kinect device. Depth map is used for object segmentation (see: as well to compute standard … Continue reading

Fire detection in video

Stefan Linner The main aim of this example is to automatically detect fire in video, using computer vision methods, implemented in real-time with the aid of the OpenCV library. Proposed solution must be applicable in existing security systems, meaning with … Continue reading

Eye-Shape Classification

Veronika Štrbáková The project shows detection and recognition of face and eyes from input image (webcam). I use for detection and classification haarcascade files from OpenCV. If eyes are recognized, I classify them as opened or narrowed. The algorithm uses … Continue reading