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Detection of objects in soccer

Lukas Sekerak

Project idea

Try detect objects (players, soccer ball, referees, goal keeper) in soccer match. Detect their position, movement and show picked object in ROI area. More info in a presentation and description document.


  • Opencv 2.4
  • log4cpp

Dataset videos

Operation Agreement CNR-FIGC

T. D’Orazio, M.Leo, N. Mosca, P.Spagnolo, P.L.Mazzeo A Semi-Automatic System for Ground Truth Generation of Soccer Video Sequences in the Proceeding of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Surveillance, Genoa, Italy September 2-4 2009


  1. Clone this repository into workspace
  2. Download external requirements + dataset
  3. Build project
  4. Run project

Control keys

  • W – turn on/off ROI area
  • Q,E – switch between detected ROI
  • S – pause of processing frames
  • F – turn on/off debug draw


This software is released under the MIT License.


  • Ing. Wanda BeneÅ¡ová, PhD. – Supervisor


Project repository: