Medical image segmentation
9. June 2016

Martin Tamajka In this project, our goal was to apply image segmentation techniques to dense volume of standard medical data. Oversegmentation Our method is based on oversegmentation to supervoxels (similar to superpixels, but in 3D volume). Such oversegmentation dramatically decreases … Continue reading

Split and merge
8. June 2016

Matus Pikuliak In our work we have implemented segmentation algorithm split-and-merge. We have designed each step of this algorithm processing original image into segmented image composed of homogeneous regions. We have used OpenCV library to build our solution. Our method … Continue reading

Object segmentation
21. July 2013

This example shows how to segment objects using OpenCV and Kinect for XBOX 360. The depth map retrieved from Kinect sensor is aligned with color image and used to create segmentation mask. Functions used: convertTo, floodFill, inRange, copyTo Inputs The … Continue reading

Presenting historical changes of building
20. July 2013

The goal of this project is to implement algorithm that extract similar points or whole regions from two different images of the same building using OpenCV library and especially MSER algorithm (Maximally stable extremal regions). Images of building are taken … Continue reading

Hair segmentation
12. April 2013

Description The project shows hair segmentation from photos. Important thing is to have an appropriate input image, where background and hair color must be different. Algorithm uses Mean Shift segmentation to segment input image into regions. Best regions are selected … Continue reading