Camera tracking
9. June 2016

Martin Volovar Camera tracking is used in visual effects to synchronize movement and rotation between real and virtual camera .This article deals with obtaining rotation and translation from two images and trying to reconstruct scene. First we need find keypoints … Continue reading

Stereo reconstruction
23. February 2015

Ondrej Galbavy This example presents straightforward process to determine depth of points (sparse depth map) from stereo image pair using stereo reconstruction. Example is implemented in Python 2. Stereo calibration process We need to obtain multiple stereo pairs with chessboard … Continue reading

SIFT in RGB-D (Object recognition)

Marek Jakab In this example we focus on enhancing the current SIFT descriptor vector with additional two dimensions using depth map information obtained from kinect device. Depth map is used for object segmentation (see: as well to compute standard … Continue reading

Structure from Motion

Jan Handzus Main objective of this project was to reconstruct the 3D scene from set of images or recorded video. First step is to find relevant matches between two related images and use this matches to calculate rotation and translation of camera … Continue reading

Object segmentation
21. July 2013

This example shows how to segment objects using OpenCV and Kinect for XBOX 360. The depth map retrieved from Kinect sensor is aligned with color image and used to create segmentation mask. Functions used: convertTo, floodFill, inRange, copyTo Inputs The … Continue reading