Grant VEGA 1/0625/14
21. June 2016

Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences –  Grant VEGA 1/0625/14. Visual object class recognition  in video sequences using a linkage of information derived by … Continue reading

KEGA 068UK-4/2011
21. June 2015

Cultural and Educational Grant Agency MŠVVaŠ SR (KEGA) : Integration of visual information studies and creation of comprehensive multi-medial study materials. Visual detection and object recognition are the main challenges of computer vision. Detection and recognition systems can be used … Continue reading

The grant program „Rozvíjať technik(o)u”
21. June 2014

Carlos – Car Entertainment System Patrik POLATSEK*, Martin PETLUŠ*, Jakub MERCZ* Lukáš SEKERÁK*, Peter HAMAR*, Róbert SABOL† Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies Ilkovičova 2, 842 16 Bratislava, Slovakia Carlos Entertainment and information … Continue reading