Motion analysis in CCTV records
5. June 2016

Filip Mazan This project deals with analysis of video captures from CCTVs to detect people’s motion and extract their trajectories in time. The output of this project is a relatively short video file containing only frames of the original where … Continue reading

Car detection in videos

Peter Horvath We detect cars from videos recorded by dash cameras situated in cars. This type of camera is dynamic so we decided to train and use Haar Cascade Classifier. The classifier itself returns a lot of false positive results. … Continue reading

Detection of objects in soccer
22. April 2015

Lukas Sekerak Project idea Try detect objects (players, soccer ball, referees, goal keeper) in soccer match. Detect their position, movement and show picked object in ROI area. More info in a presentation and description document. Requirements Opencv 2.4 log4cpp Dataset … Continue reading

Motion Analysis & Object Tracking
23. February 2015

Pavol Zbell Introduction In our work we focus on basics of motion analysis and object tracking. We compare MeanShift (non-parametric, finds an object on a back projection image) versus CamShift (continuously adaptive mean shift, finds an object center, size, and … Continue reading

Tracking moving object

This example shows how to separate and track moving object using OpenCV. First, the background of the video is being calculated and moving objects detected, then it is filtered and tracked. Used: cv::BackgroundSubtractorMOG2; cv::getStructuringElement; cv::morphologyEx; cv::BackgroundSubtractorMOG2.operator(); The process Initialize the … Continue reading

Tongue tracking

Simek Miroslav This project is focused on tracking tongue using just the information from plain web camera.  Majority of approaches tried in this project failed including edge detection, morphological reconstruction and point tracking because of various reasons like homogenous and … Continue reading

Tracking the movement of the lips

Peter Demcak In this project, we aim to recognize the gestures made by the users by moving their lips; Examples: closed mouth, mouth open, mouth wide open, puckered lips. The challenges in this task are the high homogeneity in the … Continue reading

Google Street View Video
29. June 2013

Description The goal of this project is to create a program that will be able to stitch a sequence of images fromgoogle street-view and make movie from it. The idea came to my mind, when I needed to check thecrossroads … Continue reading

Moving Vehicle Detection

The goal of this project is to implement algorithm that segments foreground using OpenCV library. We assume that background is static, objects in foreground are moving and video is taken from static camera. We detect moving  vehicles (foreground) with 2 … Continue reading