Panorama – Image registration
5. June 2016

Vladimir Ogurcak The main objective of this project is to create panoramic image from sequence of two or more overlapping images using OpenCV. We assume then overlap of two adjacent images is more than 30%, vertical variation of all images … Continue reading

Object removing in image/video
23. February 2015

Marek Grznar Introduction In our project we focus on simple object recognition, then tracking this recognized object and finally we try to delete this object from video. By object recognition we used local features-based methods. We compare SIFT and SURF … Continue reading

Photo merging
1. February 2015

Michal Lohnicky This example shows how to merge two photos using OpenCV. SURF features are used to find a homography to align the images and histogram matching with Bhattacharyya distance is used for merging them seamlessly. Functions used: cv.CalcHist, cv.FindHomography, … Continue reading

Google Street View Video
29. June 2013

Description The goal of this project is to create a program that will be able to stitch a sequence of images fromgoogle street-view and make movie from it. The idea came to my mind, when I needed to check thecrossroads … Continue reading

Frequency domain filtration
7. May 2012

This post provides an example of image filtration and editing in the frequency domain. Practical methods of image spectrum conversion and Gaussian mask creation are described. The sample application is written in C++ using the OpenCV 2.x API. The full … Continue reading

Photo Merge Source
25. June 2011

This post contains full Python source code for Photo Merge. Source by Michal Lohnický.