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Photo merging

Michal Lohnicky

This example shows how to merge two photos using OpenCV. SURF features are used to find a homography to align the images and histogram matching with Bhattacharyya distance is used for merging them seamlessly.

Functions used: cv.CalcHist, cv.FindHomography, cv.CompareHist(…, CV_COMP_BHATTACHARYYA), cv.ExtractSURF


The input – two separate images

The process

  1. Preprocessing
  2. Image registration
  3. Finding the correspondences between detected points
  4. Calculating the homography
  5. Histogram matching
  6. Creating the blurred stitching mask

The matching process is demonstrated on the following images:

Detecting the SURF keypoints in both images.
Finding the correspondences between found keypoints.
The histogram calculated using Bhattacharyya distance.
The masks used to fuse both images.


Python source code is provided