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Interactive browsing of multimedia content in 3D space

Peter Mindek

Abstract. Subject of this project is visualization and interactive manipulations with multimedia data in a virtual 3D space. High amount of multimedia data requires more and more sophisticated applications capable of comfortable browsing of this data. The thesis focuses on existing applications, which are serving this purpose, mainly on those using 3D graphics. However, individual techniques used in the field of information visualization, such as graph representation of multimedia or focus+context techniques, are discussed as well. Since state-of-the-art multimedia applications cannot do without animations, the thesis also deals with several techniques used in computer animation. Output of this project is an application capable of easy and spectacular browsing of multimedia files stored on a hard drive or other storage device. The animations used for multimedia browsing are scriptable with Lua scripting language. User can define his or her own methods of displaying multimedia files that way.

Slideshow mode.
Animation script – double spiral.
Animation script – 3D wall.