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Metaphorical Visualizations of Graph Structures

L. Ukrob, M. Jakubeci, P. Kapec

Abstract. Data visualization of large abstract data sets and complicated relations is a complex research area with different problems and constraints. Often simple shapes and structures are not very eye-pleasing. Visualization metaphors, which create a mapping between a well-known problem domain and a new complicated problem domain, can produce interesting visualizations. In this paper we propose two metaphorical visualizations of graphs and multidimensional data: we propose a metaphor of soap bubble clusters to visualize graphs and a nebulae (sky) metaphor, which uses nebulae and stars to visualize graphs and multidimensional data.

Ukrop, Ľ., Jakubéci, M., Kapec, P.: Metaphorical Visualizations of Graph Structures,
In: GraVisMa’2010: 2nd International Workshop on Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Mathematics,
Brno, Czech Republic, September 7-10, 2010, ISBN 978-80-86943-85-5, pp. 115-122