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Visual data mining in software

Bc. Filip Komorovský

Abstract. The main task of visual data mining in software is to speed up the process of obtaining information from software projects. The more complex the software project is, the more time is needed for new engineers to fully understand its structure, so they can start to implement additional features. That is why there is a demand for tools which could help programmers and software engineers understand these new projects in shortest possible time, so they could start to work on it effectively.

In this work we analyzed existing approaches for software visualization and visual data mining. A new way of software visualization is proposed, which enables interactive data mining from software projects. Visualization works with software systems developed in C# programming language. Proposed tool creates a model which is then used for interactive visual data mining. This model is represented by graph structures visualized in 3D space. Visualization is interactively driven by user requirements. The result of this thesis is a tool developed for software engineers, designated for visual and interactive data mining in software projects.

A visualization of an existing software system implemented in C#
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