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Visualizing software artifacts using hypergraphs

Peter Kapec

Abstract. In this paper we present an alternative software visualization approach that is based on hypergraphs. Hypergraphs are used in all steps of the visualization process — as a data model for representing software artifacts, trough a query mechanism based on hypergraphs up to the visualization level where we utilize interactive well known 3D graph visualizations methods. The proposed visualization aims to provide a visual programming environment for software developers. We also present visualizations of existing software projects.

Kapec, Peter: Visualizing software artifacts using hypergraphs.
In: SCCG’2010 Spring Conference on Computer Graphics in Cooperation with ACM and Eurographics, Budmerice, May 13-15, 2010 : Conference Proceedings. – ISBN 978-80-223-2843-2. – S. 33-38