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Representation of programs in graphs and their execution

Bc. Michal Kottman

Abstract. This work concentrates on the problematics of visual programming and visual programming languages as a means for the creation, editing and execution of visual programs. It lists several advantages and disadvantages of this approach. It provides necessary definitions and states the classification of visual programming languages and their paradigms. It also explains several means of formal visual language specification. Existing visual environments and languages are analyzed and their distinguishing traits are explained. It then addresses the representation of programs with the means of graphs and the creation of such graphs. A new notation for representing software based on hypergraphs is presented. A new visual language is specified based on presented notation, together with it’s syntax and execution model. Finally, a visual programming environment for the specified language is presented. It enables the user to create, modify and run programs based on the specified language.

Import of existing code to Vilie.
Detail of log function.
Selected functions from LuaDist project.