Visualization of program execution in 3D environment
7. March 2011

Bc. Ivan Ruttkay-Nedecký Abstract. Program execution consists of many abstract processes. In order to understand the whole program, one has to understand these processes first. A good imagination is required. Here visualization takes its part. This work discusses visualization of program … Continue reading

Software development in 3D space

Bc. Martin Ludvík Abstract. Software development and maintenance is very expensive, and the issues related to the  intellectual understanding associated with the development of new programs are growing at a fast pace. Previous research has shown, that using 3D software visualizations … Continue reading

Data visualization using sky metaphor

Bc. Martin Jakubéci Abstract. The basis of every visualization is data, which can have different forms. Interesting are more complicated structures like common graphs, their generalization in form of hypergraphs and multidimensional data. Hypergraphs have big possibilities, but are not … Continue reading