Exploring Visual Saliency of Real Objects at Different Depths

Miroslav Laco, Patrik Polatsek, Wanda Benesova

Abstract. Depth cues are important aspects that influence the visual saliency of objects around us. However, the depth aspect and its quantified impact on the visual saliency has not yet been thoroughly examined in real environments. We designed and carried out an experimental study to examine the influence of the depth cues on the visual saliency of the objects at the scene.The experimental study took place with 28 participants under laboratory conditions with the objects in various depth configurations at the real scene. Visual attention data were measured by the wearable eye-tracking glasses. We evaluated the fixation data and their relation to the relative objects distances. Contrary to previous research, our results revealed a significantly higher frequency of the gaze fixations on objects with higher relative depths. Moreover, we observed and evaluated that the objects which ”pop-out” among others in the depth channel tend to significantly attract the observer’s attention.

depthSal dataset contains fixation data from eye-tracking experiments with pictorial depth and real stereoscopic depth in a natural environment.

download: depthSal.zip

Please cite this paper if you use the dataset:

LACO, Miroslav; BENESOVA, Wanda. Depth in the visual attention modelling from the egocentric perspective of view. In: Eleventh International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2018). International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2019. S. 110411A.