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Euro money bill recognition

The project shows detection and recognition of euro money bill from input image (webcam). For each existing euro money bill is chosen template that contains number value of bill and also its structure. For matching templates with input images is used Flann Based matcher of local descriptors extracted by SURF algorithm.

Functions used: medianBlur, FlannBasedmatcher, SerfFeatureDetector, SurfDescriptorExtractor, findHomography


  1. Preprocessing – Conversion to grayscale + median filter
    cvtColor(input_image_color, input_image, CV_RGB2GRAY);
    medianBlur(input_image, input_image, 3);
  2. Compute local descriptors
    SurfFeatureDetector detector( minHessian );
    vector<KeyPoint> template_keypoints;
    detector.detect( money_template, template_keypoints );
    SurfDescriptorExtractor extractor;
    extractor.compute( money_template, template_keypoints, template_image );
    detector.detect( input_image, input_keypoints );
    extractor.compute( input_image, input_keypoints, destination_image );
  3. Matching local descriptors
    FlannBasedMatcher matcher;
    matcher.knnMatch(template_image, destination_image, matches, 2);
  4. Finding homography and drawing output
    Mat H = findHomography( template_object_points, input_object_points, CV_RANSAC );
    perspectiveTransform( template_corners, input_corners, H);
    drawLinesToOutput(input_corners, img_matches, money_template.cols);


Matching local descriptors
Result – identified object