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Hair segmentation


The project shows hair segmentation from photos. Important thing is to have an appropriate input image, where background and hair color must be different. Algorithm uses Mean Shift segmentation to segment input image into regions. Best regions are selected to be in the final image.

OpenCV function used

cvHaarDetectObjects, cvSplit, cvCalcHist, cvGetMinMaxHistValue, cvInRangeS

The process

  1. appropriate image selection
  2. face detection
  3. face segmentation (optional)
  4. Mean Shift image segmentation
  5. first region selection
  6. expansion of the first region
  7. final hair segmentation from image


Input image
From left: haar face detection, colors reduction, mean shift segmentation.
Initial hair region selection.
Left: neighboring regions, right: adding neighboring regions.
Left: mask created, right: Hair segmentation final image.